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Rescale Partners with X-ISS
Providing Professional Services for Migrating from On-Premise Systems to Cloud HPC
Cluster LifeCycle Management
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Client Testimonials

Stuart Noah, Senior Programmer/Analyst at Major west coast research hospital

“With a limited staff to support our researchers, X-ISS provides us with the staffing and expertise that we need to build and maintain High Performance computing solutions. X-ISS helps us in...

Success Stories

X-ISS Builds HIPAA-compliant Cloud HPC Solution for Northwestern University Research Computing

Northwestern University in Chicago (NU) is a recognized leader in clinical and medical research. Facing the challenges of analyzing a quickly-growing amount of medical data, Northwestern partnered with X-ISS to develop a secure,...

Who We Work With
  • ReScale
  • Dell
  • Dasher Technologies
  • Cray
  • Microsoft
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  • Digital Globe
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