Rescale Partners with X-ISS
Providing Professional Services for Migrating from On-Premise Systems to Cloud HPC
Cluster LifeCycle Management
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Client Testimonials

Howard Runsner, Kirby Corp.

"With X-ISS's deep knowledge, high energy level and commitment to keep promises they made, they rapidly earned the trust of the technical elite within Compaq's IT function. Not many contractors were...

Success Stories

X-ISS Creates Affordable, Efficient Remote 3D Visualization Solution

Visualization of 3D graphics can be an enormous benefit for organizations that deal with large volumes of visualization data and whose users are geographically dispersed. One such example is a company...

Who We Work With
  • ReScale
  • Dell
  • Dasher Technologies
  • Cray
  • Microsoft
  • Nice
  • Bend Research
  • Bright Computing
  • BRP
  • PCPC Direct
  • Ion
  • Digital Globe
  • Ansys