X-ISS is now an authorized NICE DCV Distributor
X-ISS and NICE (an AWS company) are pleased to announce that X-ISS is now an authorized distributor and reseller of NICE DCV software.
AWS Releases Case Study
Rivian Makes Great Strides with Help from X-ISS and AWS
Cluster LifeCycle Management
Originally appearing on HPCWire, you can now read the full series on our blog.

Client Testimonials

Daniel Gallegos, Marelli CAE/CAD Supervisor Engineering Center

"X-ISS has been an excellent partner collaborating with the technical management of our HPC, they are very responsive and have the technical knowledge that satisfies our needs. We have faced issues...

Success Stories

ManagedHPC as OEM’s Cluster Management Solution

A Tier-1 OEM was looking to provide incremental value-add to its HPC customers by offering a cost-effective means of managing and maximizing uptime of their  compute environments.  Knowing that a large...

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