Ansys-HPE HPC Cluster Solution. A fully managed, turnkey HPC cluster for CAE.

Worry-free Install

X-ISS fully integrates and validates the hardware and software including OS, cluster manager, scheduler and Ansys applications. This can be done before the system ships, so the cluster can be up and running very quickly in your environment.

Worry-free Management

X-ISS’ industry leading ManagedHPC solution comes bundled in with the appliance. With this service, X-ISS becomes a single point of contact for any HPC issues from the hardware to the Ansys applications. Additionally you can rest assured your cluster is running optimally, proactively monitored and managed.

Worry-free User Experience

With ManagedHPC, a whole team of HPC experts with years of HPC application support are available to provide you with exceptional customer service. X-ISS configures the cluster to meet user needs to maximize productivity including RSM setup, queue configuration, remote visualization and other facilities.

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X-ISS is an HPE and Ansys partner for HPC solutions. This appliance brings a high value turnkey solution to Ansys customers looking to increase productivity, and get up and running quickly, without having to worry about the complexities of managing and maintaining an HPC cluster.

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