Drew Taylor, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) Asst. Prof, Elec & Comp Engineering

“X-ISS has been very helpful in system administration and general HPC consultation in relation to multiple research projects with our group.”

Daniel Gallegos, Marelli CAE/CAD Supervisor Engineering Center

“X-ISS has been an excellent partner collaborating with the technical management of our HPC, they are very responsive and have the technical knowledge that satisfies our needs. We have faced issues in which X-ISS brought customized solutions that helped us to keep our HPC running in a proper way.”

Kurt Florez, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science IT Director

“X-ISS’s expertise and professionalism made our HPC implementation smooth and simple. Their customer service with our technicians and users was more than expected and appreciated.”

Jackie Milhans, Northwestern University Manager Computing and Data Support Services

“We received excellent service from X-ISS. Their staff were very easy to work with and provided timely responses, leadership, and quickly put solutions in place.”

Ken Sorenson, Cummins Global Service Owner for Application Hosting

“Today, with Dell EMC and X-ISS, we have a turnkey solution. When we have an issue, X-ISS is there to help us resolve it very quickly and it’s been very stable and the number of users is growing dramatically over what we used to have. Dell brought to the table a partnership that really provided superior performance at a price point that was aggressive and a solution that allowed us to manage the environment very well.”

Jackie Milhans, Northwestern University Manager Computing and Data Support Services

“X-ISS had the complete set of skills, both in the technical aspects of the computing solution and in the understanding of required user processes. X-ISS understood the need for using secure data across the university.”

A key stakeholder in a client organization engaged in cancer diagnostics

“X-ISS was instrumental in enabling and supporting the underlying infrastructure running a critical set of cancer diagnostic tests, thereby alleviating a significant resource burden from within the organization. The expertise and willingness to operate within the necessary regulatory environment significantly impacted the outcome in positive ways.”

Tony Sabatino, Vice President, GX Technology

“The X-ISS team members have continuously performed in a very professional manner during all the work they have done for us over the last 10 years.”

Andre Herzog, BRP

“[X-ISS] has done excellent work for us and we really appreciate it.”

Name/Company withheld to protect their internal IT guys

“X-ISS’s communication is extremely strong. They provide nightly updates when on a project, including progress reports indicating what percent of the project has been completed.  I wish I could get my guys to do that.”