Systems Admin Monitoring

  • Can you calculate the ROI of your HPC environment with graphs and charts?
  • Do you need to “charge back” cluster use to the departments based on usage?
  • Do you have an analytics solution but it only works on certain hardware or software?

We can solve that puzzle for you!

Our DecisionHPC analytics product will monitor dozens of metrics 24 x 7 and gather data into a true business intelligence engine that can:


  • Display a live dashboard for real-time monitoring
    • The holy-grail: the Single Pane Of Glass (SPOG) view
  • Give you real actionable data for smart decisions
    • Historical data
    • Real-time data
    • Projections
  • Produce charge back reports
    • With interfaces to automate the charge backs
  • Warehouse data up to 10 years

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What does it look like?