HPC Software DecisionHPC Featured in New Online Video Demos

X-ISS CEO Deepak Khosla demonstrates the benefits of DecisionHPC

Nov. 9, 2011 — HOUSTON — X-ISS, a leading Information Technology solutions company, announced today the availability of two video demonstrations that provide an overview of its high performance computing (HPC) monitoring and analytics software, DecisionHPC. The X-ISS videos, DecisionHPC Overview and DecisionHPC Heat Map Capabilities, are available for download from YouTube. 

The videos feature X-ISS CEO Deepak Khosla as he provides brief overviews of the monitoring and analytics capabilities of DecisionHPC, including an example of how a DecisionHPC heat map quickly allows an administrator to visually monitor and maintain the health of a heterogeneous cluster computing system.

The information provided in the two video demonstrations includes: 

DecisionHPC: Monitoring & Analytics Software Overview video features X-ISS CEO Deepak Khosla conducting a brief demonstration of DecisionHPC showcasing a high-level approach to understanding a heterogeneous HPC cluster system while briefly highlighting ways cluster system managers can dive deeper into analytics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyGtuIvgmkc

DecisionHPC: Heat Map Capabilities video demonstrates how DecisionHPC leverages heat maps for monitoring of a heterogeneous cluster system. The video highlights a single uniform display that brings data together in an effective dashboard to clearly show what applications are running by which users and at-a-glance health monitoring. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN2QqfVjekw 


“The video demonstrates some of the capabilities of DecisionHPC and how system administrators can leverage the monitoring and analytical tools for ongoing system management and to aid in making more informed decisions in the future. DecisionHPC pulls data from all resource and metric managers and schedules to deliver comprehensive real-time, and historical information about how your system is performing, which is very valuable in today’s complex HPC environments.”
– Deepak Khosla, Founder, CEO X-ISS