HPC Visualization Walls Provide New Insights into HPC Simulations with VizHPC Service by X-ISS

Turnkey HPC Visualization Cluster Systems Available through X-ISS Services

Jan. 17, 2011 — HOUSTON — X-ISS (eXcellence in IS Services) and its new VizHPC service makes visualizing data of complex high performance computing (HPC) calculations and results easier and more accessible than ever before. Through validated and turnkey HPC visualization cluster solutions the X-ISS VizHPC service offers various hardware and software components and provides installation, integration and knowledge-transfer services to customers to create a functioning visualization wall, integrated with a back-end cluster computer system. More information on VizHPC and X-ISS can be found at www.x-iss.com.

X-ISS has designed and installed visualization cluster systems in both commercial and academic settings nationwide since 2008. Visualization in HPC is used to create a high-definition visual output of simulations and data results being calculated on HPC systems. The VizHPC service provided by X-ISS integrates large high-definition flat screen monitors in a tiled format to produce an oversize visualization of the development or research work being performed. An integrated cluster computing system is required to create these visualizations. X-ISS works with customers and vendors to integrate, install and provide knowledge-transfer to VizHPC end-users.

X-ISS VizHPC Features & Benefits

  • A turnkey solution, allowing customer to focus on development and research
  • Validated or custom VizHPC solutions available
  • Leverages standard hardware and open source software for high-value

“Our new Dell visualization cluster is proving extremely valuable not only to our research efforts, but we also plan to have our impressive viz-wall serve as a way to showcase the capabilities of Louisiana Tech University to alumni and donors, students and prospective students. In working with X-ISS on our visualization wall installation and knowledge-transfer, I was excited to see the project transform from boxes of equipment one day, to a completely integrated system, including hardware, middleware and applications, the next. It provided peace-of-mind knowing the details of installing a complex system like this were being taken care of, allowing us to focus on working with researchers on their specific needs.”

-·Dr. Jean Gourd, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science
College of Engineering and Science, Louisiana Tech University

“The use of visualization clusters, or viz walls, is an important aspect of HPC today, as it provides a powerful common ground for those with different perspectives and knowledge-bases when addressing the complex challenges the HPC community faces. X-ISS has created some validated solutions that help customers obtain a visualization cluster solution that performs well, quickly.”

– Deepak Khosla, founder and CEO of X-ISS