Rescale Partners with X-ISS to Provide Professional Services for Migrating from On-Premise Systems to Cloud HPC

As seen on Business Wire November 7, 2017

San Francisco, CA — Rescale, the leading provider of enterprise big compute and cloud high performance computing (HPC) today announced a partnership with X-ISS, an HPC systems integration firm focused on on-premise HPC management solutions, to additionally offer professional services to enterprises migrating HPC workloads to the cloud.

Rescale’s ScaleX platform provides a managed HPC cloud environment by seamlessly connecting to public cloud providers, bare metal providers, or a customer’s hardware system whether on or off-premise, to enable a centrally-managed hybrid compute system. Similarly, X-ISS provides deployment, management, and analytics for on-premise clusters. The partnership will enable X-ISS’ on-premise customers to take advantage of HPC in the cloud. As a Rescale partner, X-ISS will perform integration services with Rescale’s ScaleX platform, including hybrid integration, private networking implementation, and integration of custom applications, amongst others.

Tyler Smith, Rescale’s Head of Partnerships, says that the arrangement is perfect for large enterprises: “As cloud HPC adoption accelerates, our partnership with X-ISS will make it easier for the enterprise to leverage cloud without disrupting workloads on existing on-premise infrastructure. Bursting to cloud or migrating certain workloads offers a more elastic and scalable HPC environment, and Rescale working with X-ISS will aim to provide the optimal solution.”

Deepak Khosla at X-ISS also praised the partnership, saying, “At X-ISS, we are very excited to partner with Rescale to eliminate the compute ceilings and queuing wait times that our customers sometimes deal with. Together, X-ISS and Rescale will provide a comprehensive HPC solution and services that will delight our joint customers.”

About Rescale
Rescale is the global leader for high-performance computing simulations and deep learning in the cloud. Trusted by the Global Fortune 500, Rescale empowers the world’s top scientists and engineers to develop the most innovative new products and perform groundbreaking research and development faster and at lower cost. Rescale’s ScaleX platform transforms traditional fixed IT resources into flexible hybrid, private, and public cloud resources—built on the largest and most powerful high-performance computing network in the world. For more information on Rescale’s ScaleX platform, visit

About X-ISS
X-ISS has been providing cross-platform management and analytics solutions for the High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data industry for over 15 years. With a reputation for the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction, X-ISS is able to help customers design, integrate, and manage HPC cluster systems, as well as monitor, report, and deliver analytics that are important to HPC users. These solutions include ProjectHPC® for vendor neutral cluster installation and configuration services; ManagedHPC® for full-service remote cluster management services; CloudHPC for helping bring the Cloud elasticity to on-premise clusters; and DecisionHPC® for insightful business analytics that allow customers to keep their clusters operating at maximum efficiency. For more information about X-ISS Services, visit