HPC – Measuring Profitability and ROI

Jan. 22, 2013— HOUSTON — X-ISS, a leading Information Technology solutions company, sponsored a panel discussion today with insideHPC, “a blog that distills news and events in the world of HPC and presents them in bite-sized nuggets of helpfulness as a resource for supercomputing professionals.” A recording is now available here.

This discussion, Talking to your CFO about HPC – Measuring Profitability & ROI, was hosted by Rick Brueckner, insideHPC President. 

Panelists were:

  • Merle Giles, NCSA
  • Sharan Kilwani, Industry Expert
  • Ramesh Krishnan, ATK Aerospace Systems

Businesses that are new to using HPC today often require different performance metrics than traditional users and the industry born out of the research community. Many of these requirements include having a more granular view, as well as a more holistic view of how HPC impacts the business and specific project, including historical data. Some of these can be broken out as follows.

  • Project Costs
  • User Costs
  • Deadline & Delay Costs
  • Backlog
  • Custom Business KPI’s

For more details and to read Rich’s interview with X-ISS CEO Deepak Khosla, go to the Webinar Preview at insideHPC.

X-ISS is a professional services firm located in Houston, Texas, that specializes in delivering high-performance computing solutions. X-ISS expertise includes designing, deploying, managing, and benchmarking clusters of all types and sizes, including various interconnects, cluster management suites, distributed resource managers, and popular HPC applications.