X-ISS Releases New Case Study on ManagedHPC

February 14, 2011 – Houston, TX — X-ISS has just released a case study entitled “X-ISS Helps University of Wisconsin Focus on Supporting Researchers” that gives some detail information on how ManagedHPC works. With the complexity of HPC systems today, many organizations struggle with the challenge of system management. Industry analysts have indicated an industry-wide shortage of qualified system administrators with the right experience and qualifications to successfully integrate, manage and maintain HPC systems. ManagedHPC from X-ISS is an outsourced system management solution that helps bridge this gap, allowing customers to focus on their core engineering or research, while providing the peace-of-mind that their HPC resources are being handled with care.

Here’s an overview of the study:

Business Need

At the University of Wisconsin, the Engineering Department did not have the time to hire and train a person to administer the complex HPC cluster required for research. Only a small handful of candidates who applied for the position were qualified to administer the system.


The University of Wisconsin contacted X-ISS to do software upgrades and installations along with system management.


  • Freedom to focus on research instead of HPC administration
  • On-site installation and set-up
  • Turnkey outsource system management service
  • Secure remote system monitoring
  • Proactive reporting process
  • X-ISS professionals available 24/7

For the complete details, please view the downloadable pdf – UWM Case Study.