Your business evolves and changes as the market demands it, and that means your HPC issues change, too. X-ISS engages your business in a Continuous Improvement Cycle which ensures today’s problems are successfully resolved, and that tomorrow’s issues are predicted and addressed before they prevent your business from growing.  

Phase 1: Assess

Complex problems have complex causes, and those causes are not always easy to spot. X-ISS listens to your staff to understand the HPC roadblocks to your business’ success. After listening to your business’ issues and examining your HPC infrastructure, X-ISS:

  •  Presents a summary of the problem
  •  Identifies the key issues and risks
  •  Presents multiple solutions and clearly states the Pro’s and Con’s of each

Phase 2: Design

Once you have chosen a solution that meets your business and budgetary objectives, X-ISS engages in a thorough design phase that:

  •  Respects your budget
  •  Solicits your input to decisions that effect the operational manageability of the design
  •  Experiences rigorous peer and vendor review

Phase 3: Implement

During the implementation phase, X-ISS staff provides worry free project management. You can expect constant communication that includes:

  •  Regular project updates
  •  Summaries of key meetings and site visits
  •  Alerts to potential roadblocks that can impact the timeline or budget

Phase 4: Manage

Once a project is completed, your relationship with X-ISS does not have to end. The solution should be measured for success on a regular basis. X-ISS staff can provide ongoing assessment of the solution’s success by:

  •  Monitoring key systems
  •  Alerting on capacity or stability issues
  •  Auditing of processes and procedures followed by local staff