Features and Benefits

DecisionHPC® is HPC Monitoring & Analytics Software for clusters providing the following features & benefits:


  • One dashboard for system monitoring, tracking & reporting
  • Maximize system productivity & system usage
  • Detailed project, usage & application tracking
  • Leverage historical, real-time and projected reports to improve system design decisions

The DecisionHPC system is:

  • Completely hardware and software agnostic
    • Windows or Linux
    • Server or workstation
    • Running any application
    • Local and remote datacenters
  • Efficient
    • Our lightweight collector will let your HPC jobs run without slowing down your clusters.
  • Secure
    • All data is reported securely via HTTPS to either an on-site data warehouse or our off-site data center.
  • Accessible
    • Our easy to use analytic engine is available via local intranet or secured global website.

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