Release 14.1

Scheduler and Queue Reports

DecisionHPC version 14.1 contains new reports for Schedulers and Queues. This provides some global view of queue usage as well as resource status as viewed by the scheduler. Support for SGE and UGE schedulers has also been added.

Attribute Heat Map

Attributes are similar to metrics but are typically very constant over a long period of time i.e. a relatively static property. They can be strings or numeric. This heat map is very similar to the metric heat map, except it allows you to set colors for various string values. Examples of attributes are the name of the OS, project or user or BIOS versions.


New functionality is available to allow a group of users to maintain the site profile and to manage user accounts. We will be adding a default group to which this privilege will be assigned in the next release.


  • The tree has been updated to now show partial selections.
  • A filter has been added to reports to show only a certain range of values.
  • The users within a Security Group can now be granted the right to create a Site Profile.